Matan 8Q
A Wide Format
Hybrid Printer
at its Best!
With an unmatched Performance,
Quality, Value ratio, the Matan 8Q
Hybrid printer is the first choice
for all high-quality
and high performance applications.

Available at 3m and 5m widths
with inline finishing.

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OEM Ink Contracts...
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DigiTech supplies better
quality inks, at a much
lower price.
*Full colour profiling
with inks purchase

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JETi's refurbished
Higher resolution,
Lower cost.
Fully refurbished JETi's with
imporoved prinitng speeds,
resolution and reduced ink
usage (UV, Solvent & Aqueous).

Got an older machine...?
Get it upgraded, it's more cost
effective than buying new!

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Solvent, UV,
Fabric or Flush

Digitech Solvent, UV and Aqueous Inks
are far superior to other inks available
on the market today.

With higher gamuut, better adhesion
and better jeting they're your #1 choice
every time.

Available in 1 ltr and 5 ltr containers.
DigiTech Canada is now supplying the Matan 8Q, refurbished JETI's with improved quality and speed, parts, inks and maintenance for the Matan, and all JETI's. call +1 905 212 1171
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At DigiTech Canada, we supply OEM quality or better inks at a much lower cost than the OEM suppliers.

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Ever thought about getting an extra printer to help with the increased work demand but don't want the extra overheads and uncertainty of a new machine?.
DigiTech Canada now supplies original 'Refurbished' printers which are better than the original purchase.

How do we do this?
We completely strip down, clean and replace key components with 'faster and higher resolution printing technology', resulting in a faster and more economic printer at a considerable $aving.

Got an older machine?
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     Quicker Response.
If you’ve ever had to rely on big corporation OEMs for technical support, you know what a hassle it can be.
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